AJL r2 and LAB is an unofficial modifications for original AVP2 game, which offers new game experience to those, who bored with original game.

A long time ago, in 2005, some human under username Alien_JL created the first mod for multiplayer with new balance based on movies. In a first time it was a mod with changes between classes, later then a patch was released, which also provide comlpletely new balance, textures and sounds.

And so it was released "AJL Mod Release 2" and many players still love it.

Time passed, but AJL R2 was not updated and many players bored with it. It also had many annoying gameplay features and bugs. In a few months it was made first version of L.A.B. mod (Little Alternative Balance) based on existing R2, which not provided complete changes of R2 gameplay, but fixes some defects and added some little own it self. It was some kind of fans patch to developer's game. In a time later LAB developer (VX) and his assistants (Tacto and SirThief) made far more to his project and in later versions of this mod appeared a new gameplay features, old bugfixes, new textures and sounds, its balance was absolutely closer to movies. And so a simple patch to mod becomes a completely new mod.


The main feature of LAB unlike R2's is a teamplay requirement. In R2 mod humans were separated between classes "corps" and "marines", but now they are united to confront the common enemies. In original R2 when you playing as a human you could choose your weapon before spawn, which means what it is no differences between classes as for "corps", as like for "marines". In LAB mod there is no such gameplay defect and now there is a different classes with theirs weapon sets, ammunition and absolutely different gameplay styles. With such unique gameplay styles it would be very hard to play alone, so feel free to call some friends to help and began to shoot\explode\incinerate your foes in teamplay.

The Predator have become more powerfull than in R2, unlike he is a little slower, he provides a very big danger to humans. It was completely rebalanced predator's weapons, so there will no be teleporting spears, plasma-spamm, autolocking disks, permanent netshooting and bunnyhop. Now predator can provide full resistance to Guards and Xeno Warriors, and also can avoid fatal aftermaths when he confronts with humans. Also invisibility system was changet to new balance, so if before you couldn't saw predator untill you put on your nightvision, now you can spot him in a specific distance without any devices and independently of brightness. So now you sould be very carefull if you want to kill human in close combat.

Now Aliens are much more similar to theirs movie's analogues and provide an extremely danger to both humans and predators. Alien's attack system was replaced by new one, far more realistic, so if before it looked like a chopper spin, now he cant hit more than 2 hits in 1 second, but he can do a stun hit. Only Guard can use tail and it only helps to finish the enemy. Other classes uses crushing blow which can knock enemy on its back. Bite speed was reduced to prevent bite-spamm. Jump system also was changed, so now you cant bunnyhop on intire maps. Take care of any single jump, it can save your life or help you to take unwary enemy down.

An aliens brand new feature is "auravision", which helps you to see all animated enemies thought any type of obstructions and evaluate the situation between attacks.