Marines are search and rescue team of soldiers. They also have access to iconic weapons as the flamethrower, pulse rifle, smartgun, shotgun, pistol, RPGs, and robotic sentry turrets.

The First Squad Who Faced With Aliens:

*Lieutenant William Gorman. Led the ill-fated mission to LV-426;

*Bishop. Was the android executive officer assigned to the Sulaco and was primarily responsible for planetary maneuvering;

*Sergeant Al Apone. Was the squad leader of the team that went to investigate LV-426;

*Corporal Dwayne Hicks. Was one of the Colonial Marines who took charge;

*Corporal Colette Ferro. Was the dropship pilot;

*Corporal Cynthia Dietrich. Was the corpsman;

*Private Jenette Vasquez. Was a smartgunner on the Sulaco, partnered with Drake;

*Private Mark Drake. Was a smartgunner;

*Private William Hudson. Was the squad's jokester and computer tech expert;

*Private Ricco Frost. Was a trooper in the Sulaco unit that investigated LV-426;

*Private Daniel Spunkmeyer. Was the dropship chief weapons officer;

*Private Tip Crowe;

*Private Trevor Wierzbowski.

Weapons Concept

Weapons used by the Marines were based on real, fully functional weapons. Brixish armorers used guns they found to be the most reliable when firing blanks and those which looked futuristic. The 'pulse rifles' were created from a Thompson SMG, with an attached forend of a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun and a Remington 12 Gauge Model 870P receiver with barrel. The 'smart guns' carried by Vasquez and Drake were based on the German MG-42 machine gun and were maneuvered with Steadicam-like harnesses created using old motorcycle parts. The crew found flamethrowers the most difficult weapon to create and use, as they were the heaviest and most dangerous.