Aliens versus Predator 2: Payback Time

Here some fresh news about mod...


* New mod name. After many bad projects of the AvP universe, also named "Bug Hunt", we decided to take an other classic phrase from first "Predator" movie: Payback Time.

* Achievements. Complete the tasks, get achievements.

* Avatar. Now there will be a small pic in front of your nickname which you can make for yourself. Doubtfully that you will put your photo, but you can show up, why not. You can load your avatar from the connector.

* Loading screens. To make a waiting for connection more fun there will be some random loading screens. There are many interesting stuff on these screens: weapons, classes, and other alien/predator universe related information.


* 9 classes. More detailed classes from AJLMod L.A.B. like Sniper, Leader, Assault, Combat Synthetic and some new.

* Engineer class have a famous sentry turret unit. All other classes have a useful specialized device.

* More interesting and useful to combine the squad right. Which do you prefer?: pure fire power or sacrifice it for the medic in the squad? Long range oriented firepower plus APE suit equipped class for close range battle? Or maybe try to lure the enemy on the only way out and trap him? All these tactics depend on who is your enemy.

* Some radio commands, like "Fire in the hole", "Contact", "Get in position", make a mark on the point which you aim on the wall or whatever and this mark appears on the other marine's screens. Thus make a higher quality of teamplay.

* Door welding. Yep - you now can weld the doors. Aliens can break welded doors and get inside. Predator undoes it gentlier.


*5 classes:

* Worker Alien: working cast of the hive. His main goal - making the hive and cocoons, protecting hosts and assisting other casts.

* Warrior Alien: stronger version of worker. His main goal - providing hosts and if it needed, protecting the hive and queen.

* Scout Alien: this cast is an important part of hive expansion process. Observer posses far more powerful sense and works as scout or patrol unit

* Guard Alien: Most powerful out of aliens. His only goal - protecting the hive from attackers.

* Aliens now can make cocoons. They can take corpses away to safe place. Cocoon brings some points to aliens team until it will be spotted by marines. By clicking "use" on cocoon you can hear "kill meeeee", which you better gonna do with explosions or napalm.

* Acid. Now it not just flushes away some hitoints. Remember poor Hicks. He needed a medicine after acid shower.


* Predator Hunter: He prefers to extend his pleasure, hunt down and shoot victim with one single shot. Most dangerous on long range distances. He can hunt victim for a long time until he capture and kill it.

* Predator Ripper: Carnage, fun and more CARNAGE. This one is less methodical, but have amount of toys to fun. No one can hide from him despite any tries.

* Predator Torturer: Just like Ripper, this one really loves to show off. But unlike Ripper he do it less accurate. Torturer luring and torture his victims before finishing. He is arguably has a special sense of humor.

* Predator Ghost: Named for his hiding skills, this predator work very quiet and pass security systems. He can remind of Hunter, but prefer to play less archaically.

* Any predator has a unique weapon set. Even common weapons - wrist blades and plasma gun has some differences.

* Just like an aliens, predators can do some stuff with victim's body - skin them and band to the ceilings. Predators also getting points from it, so you really have to prevent green bastard's fun.

* Imporved and gameplay-fitted selfdestruction

Work in progress...